Hey there, I’m Jess 👋🏼 I’m a writer, business consultant, and facilitator.

My work explores who we are, how we exist and move and show up in the world, how we are resourced (ahem, including money), and how we take action to create actual change in the world.

I’ve worked extensively with activists, nonprofits, startups, entrepreneurs, educators and schools, and businesses from early-stage ideation to multi-million dollar brands on their strategy, messaging, and marketing. 👉🏼 Schedule a call

I’m a former journalist and college instructor of media ethics and media literacy.

After training as a professional singer, I earned a BS in Business Management with a focus on International business. Over the next several years, I abandoned two MBAs, and an MFA in Writing. I’m currently working (slooooowly) towards a PhD in Philosophy, with a focus on Wisdom traditions.

I’m a Certified Firewalk Instructor & Empowerment Coach through the Sundoor International Firewalking School for Transpersonal Education and a Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator, trained by HeatherAsh Amara, best-selling author of Warrior Goddess Training.

PS: A new website is in the works, but I love to chat. You can click here to subscribe, chat with me on Facebook, or we can ❤️each other on Insta.